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Extra mile booking promise

Every JENZA experience has been shaped by our Youth Advisory Panel, roadtested by our travellers, and backed by 60+ years of work abroad expertise. But if we still don’t rock your world, we’ll refund the part of your JENZA program you’re not happy with. T&Cs apply.

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JENZA Extra Mile Promise

We may be the new kids, but we have the backing of 60+ years of work abroad experience in our parent companies – USIT and BUNAC. Every JENZA program has been shaped by our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) and trialled by our JENZA roadtesters. But after all of that, we’ll refund the part of your JENZA product you’re not happy with.

The important stuff

  • We don’t believe in lots of complicated jargon. Our Extra Mile promise is founded on trust, honesty and common sense.
  • Travel isn't black and white. Each case will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and handled by our dedicated JENZA Support Squad.
  • The joy of our trips is that you’re away for an extended period of time. If during the part of your trip when you’re in the care of JENZA or one of our in-country partners and you don’t feel like we’ve delivered what you signed up for, you just need to contact us. One of our JENZA Support Squad will be in touch to find out what's happened and to gather all the intel. If something was clearly wrong with your trip and was not as described in the inclusions/service, and it was in the control of ourselves or our in-country partners, we’ll work out refunding you for the part of the service that didn’t live up to our high standards.
  • To help us make the policy fair for everyone, we follow a simple process for every request. To be eligible for the JENZA Extra Mile promise, you must flag an issue within seven days of any problems with our service.

Step 1

Our team will try and resolve your problem. We’ll discuss your issues and work with our in-country partners to get what’s happened addressed ASAP. We ask that you to give us ten working days to try and do this.

Step 2

If after ten working days the issue hasn’t been resolved and it’s something that falls within our control or that of our partners, we’ll work out the refund amount for that part of your JENZA product. You’ll be refunded within ten working days.

What's not covered

  • We can't help fix a problem that happened six months previously. The JENZA Extra Mile promise is only valid when you flag an issue within seven days of any problems that have happened with our service.
  • Things outside of our control. This includes visa denials, missed flights, travel delays, and where personal behaviour has impacted your employment or experience.

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JENZA Paper Tear
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BUNAC Travel Services Ltd trading as “JENZA” is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 01391030 and registered address at 5 Richbell Place, London, UK, WC1N 3LA.