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JENZA Work USA 4 month T&Cs

JENZA Work USA 4 month terms and conditions for your booking.

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Your work USA 4-month program conditions

The Work USA 4-month program is offered by JENZA (the “Company”) and supported by a regulated US State Department sponsor. The Company acts as an international representative for the Visa sponsor (“the sponsor”). The program is designed to support participants to complete the steps required to obtain a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) form which permits them to apply for a J1 Summer Work and Travel Visa (the “J1”) which is issued separately by the US Embassy and fulfil a role at a Work USA Employer.

All applicants must read these terms and conditions and binding arbitration and sign the ‘declaration of intent’ to confirm acceptance of these conditions. The USA summer work & travel program is a cultural exchange program which allows students the opportunity to work in the USA for a period of up to 4 months during the winter. You agree that it is your intention to gain seasonal, casual employment in the USA, and to engage in US cultural activities outside of your working hours. Experience has shown that the single most important factor in assuming a safe and successful experience abroad is the sensible and cautious behaviour of the applicant/applicant to act in accordance with these rules. This contract releases the Company and the sponsor from liability. Please read carefully and sign the student declaration on the application form showing you have read and agree to the terms and conditions and that they are binding on you and that your adherence to them is imperative. You confirm that the statements contained in this document are accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that you understand and accept the terms and conditions. This English language version of the contract is the binding contract between you and your US sponsor and the Company.

By joining the program you are bound by the company’s general terms and conditions which are listed HERE.

1.Program inclusions

  • Eligibility screening with a member of our team
  • Jobs hub with employers actively hiring seasonal staff
  • Job vetting from the US Sponsor
  • A DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) that allows you to apply for the J1 visa (visa must be obtained independently by the participant)
  • 24/7 emergency support whilst in the USA
  • An insurance policy to last for the duration of the program (including up to 30 day travel period after your job placement)

    1. Program costs and payments schedule

    What are you paying the Company for?

Stage 1 - Deposit $180 AUD / $200 NZD

  • Register with the visa sponsor
  • Complete the visa sponsor application
  • Schedule an interview with a member of our team
  • Complete and pass the interview

Stage 2 - Second payment $360 AUD / $400 NZD

  • Gain access to the job searching platform
  • Secure a job and submit the details to the visa sponsor

Stage 3 - Final payment $1095 AUD / $1150 NZD

  • We request to have your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) printed
  • We send your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) with guidance on booking an embassy appointment

Stage 1 - At the time of booking your J1 summer work and travel program, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $180 AUD $200 NZD . You acknowledge that your application cannot progress further until you have completed the visa sponsor’s application and completed and passed your interview with a member of our team. If you don’t complete these steps, your application will stay as it is and your deposit will remain non-refundable.

Stage 2 - A further payment of $360 AUD / $400 NZD will be due after your successful interview. This payment will allow you to view and apply for jobs that are available on our system. Once a job is secured, you will then be able to submit your job offer for review. This must be done on the visa sponsor’s application.

Stage 3 - Once your job has been approved by the visa sponsor, the final payment of $1095AUD / $1150 NZD will be due. Only when this payment has been made, will a member of our team request to have your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) printed by the visa sponsor. After the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) is received by our office, we will send this out to you along with guidance on how to apply for the J1 visa at the US embassy. The sponsor will then support your entry to the United States, provide support to you via email and phone and ensure your continued compliance with the US state department.

Whilst start dates can never be guaranteed, we work closely with the visa sponsor to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible. The participant understands that they are responsible for completing their application in a timely manner and that delays in completing any of the tasks above could result in a later start date than originally planned.

On average, an application can take 13 weeks from the moment a participant signs up to when they receive their J1 visa. Because of this, it is strongly encouraged that all applicants apply to our program as early as possible and before the end of July. Guarantees can’t be made, but this will give a participant the best chance of securing the visa in time for their proposed start date.

It is the responsibility of the participant to exercise due care once in possession of the legal documentation (DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)) and visa. The cost of replacing these items must be borne by the participant and paid directly to us before departure and to the visa sponsor if this occurs while in the USA on the program.

What fees will you need to pay to third parties?

  • US Embassy fee
  • Travel to and from the US embassy
  • Any additional travel insurance you wish to take
  • Return flights
  • Transport from the airport once you arrive in the USA
  • Proof of funds (you must be able to show proof that you have at least $800 in support funds when you arrive in the USA)
  • Accommodation (this is usually deducted from your pay by your employer if they provide housing for you)
  • Spending money

Regardless of the circumstances, the Company are unable to refund any of these fees.

3. Transferring or changing your booking

The deposit is transferable to any Company program up until the point of your program interview taking place. After your interview, your deposit will be considered as used and therefore be non-transferable.

Your deposit is protected for life, however, is not transferable to another person. Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be printed with your correct name, date of birth, place and country of birth. It is your responsibility to provide details on all application forms that exactly match your passport and to verify the information on your DS-2019 is correct once received and to inform the company of any errors before travelling. The DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) replacement cost, due to misinformation or loss by the applicant is $250 AUD/ $270 NZD.

4. Program cancellation

The $180 AUD /$200 NZD program deposit is a non-refundable fee as when you book you ask us to provide certain services immediately, including granting access to the sponsor application and program interview. The only exception is if your application is rejected by the company before submission to the US sponsor, in which case you are subject to a $45 AUD / $50 NZD administration fee. The below amounts will be held by the Company when cancelling at specific stages:

  • If you choose to cancel before your application interview – $180 AUD /$200 NZD will be held (no refund due).
  • If you cancel after your application interview but before you have been hired by an employer - $340 AUD /$378NZD will be held.
  • If you cancel after your job has been secured or you have submitted your job to the visa sponsor for approval – $555 AUD /$595 NZD will be held
  • If you cancel after your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) has been issued - $1635 AUD /$1750 NZD will be held (no refund due)

Along with our US visa sponsor, we reserve the right to refuse sponsorship to any applicant who does not meet the Program eligibility requirements or any applicant that we deem to not be appropriate to accept in the general interests of the Program. In the event that we refuse to accept an applicant on the Program, full cancellation fees may apply. Applicants are responsible for and are obliged to check eligibility on our website before they book.

If you must cancel from the program you must confirm this in writing and return your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), insurance policy and receipt of booking to us. Your cancellation will be effective from the date it is received in the office where the booking was made, and the relevant cancellation fees will apply. Please ask for details of cancellation fees at the time of booking. Refunds normally can take up to 15 working days from the time all appropriate documentation is received into the Program Department.

Should any participant accept a position, either sourced directly or with our assistance, and pay the full program fee, then choose to cancel the contract with the employer before travel, their program will be cancelled, and the program fee and all associated elements will be deemed non-refundable unless the reason is related to a travel restriction outside of your control.

Failure to obtain job approval will render you, the participant, ineligible for the program & you will not be able to travel to the USA on a J1 visa. There will be no refund on the costs paid to us should you not be successful in obtaining job approval for this program.

By participating in the J1 program all participants are bound by all new program regulations and eligibility criteria that may be introduced at any time and without notice. Along with the US embassy and the visa sponsor, we reserve the right to cancel participation on this program (without refund) if any applicants do not meet the eligibility criteria or fail to abide by the terms and conditions of the program including SEVIS compliance, US sponsor monthly monitoring surveys and employment vetting etc.

5. Visa

J-1 Summer Work Travel


  • The applicant agrees that they are a full-time student pursuing a university degree in Australia or New Zealand
  • You have not committed any criminal or driving under the influence (DUI) offence
  • The applicant must hold a passport valid for travel to the US for the full duration of the program when applying (Full name and details exactly as it appears on the passport you will use to travel to the USA must be used on the program application form and subsequent enquiries relating to your application.
  • All applicants must undergo a program interview as this is a mandatory requirement to participate in the J-1 summer work and travel program. This is separate from the mandatory US Embassy Interview. This can be done via phone or in person.
  • The participant must have at least US$800 with them upon arrival in the US in order to support themself in the US until they receive their first pay check. The participant understands that wages might not cover the entirety of program and living expenses and that they should have access to additional personal funds. The US Sponsor recommends that participants bring a minimum of US$1,200.

The conduct and requirements of the Work & Travel USA program are subject to US Government approval and may change without notice.


  • The applicant understands that they are not permitted to travel to, or work in any city on the list of Prohibited Regions, as these areas have been deemed unsuitable by the US Department of State. Furthermore, all applicants understand that they are not, under any circumstances, permitted to travel to the Tijuana metropolitan area in Mexico (which includes Rosarito).
  • The applicant understands that a J-1 visa cannot be extended. They must declare that they have no intention of staying in the USA after the final date allowed by this program.
  • J1 applicants may remain in the US for 30 days after the program end date on form DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document). However, the local US Embassy may require you to return to your home country by the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)end date.
  • Once an applicant has commenced their travel to the US neither the Company or the visa sponsor can amend the program dates as listed on the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) for any reason. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check prior to travel that the dates are correct.
  • Individuals who have recently held a J-1 visa for the US may have to remain in their home country for a minimum of 90 days before your US Sponsor can issue a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) for Work &Travel USA. Please contact us or US Embassy for details.
  • You can’t be offered a job with employers who have experienced lay-offs within the last 120 days; no jobs with employees that are on strike or lock-out; Employment that does not allow for meaningful cultural exchange with Americans is not permitted. Relevant factors include the job duties, workplace, geographical location, work schedule, and hours per week.
  • If the applicant does not have sufficient English skills and does not arrive on time and/or has misrepresented any statement in the application, the job offer may be revoked.
  • The work authorisation document (DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)) and visa issued on this program allow the participant to work with their approved employer. Should you, the participant, leave the position without contacting and receiving approval from the US sponsor, then your US sponsorship on the program will be withdrawn and you will be expected to leave the USA and return to the UK as your visa is considered void.
  • You must be travelling to the USA for a duration of at least 6 weeks. You will not be able to obtain a Social Security card if your departure from the USA is any less than 6 weeks meaning you will not be able to legally carry out any paid work.
  • The latest you may enter the USA on the program is August 31st.

Your visa sponsor

  • The applicant understands that the Company use an approved visa sponsor that issues the DS-2019 and is responsible for the program operation.
  • The applicant understands that the visa sponsor is responsible for providing support services in the USA. If there are questions or applicant experiences problems during the program, they are to reach out to the visa sponsor for help during business hours and the 24/7 number in case of an emergency.
  • The applicant agrees to notify the visa sponsor if they complete their program early and departs the US prior to the end date listed on their DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document).
  • The applicant understands that the visa sponsor reserves the right to close the program at short notice or to cancel the program if a situation arises where this is necessary. If the visa sponsor cancels an application, no charge applies.
  • Despite reasonable efforts made by the visa sponsor to provide for a positive program experience, they cannot guarantee that the applicant will not experience problems or difficulties; these may be temporary or may require return to your home country. Such problems may include but are not limited to job loss, firing, program termination, housing problems or Social Security related problems. The visa sponsor will make all reasonable efforts to assist, but they cannot guarantee a positive outcome.
  • All participants are required to complete an orientation with the Company and the visa sponsor before they depart on their J1 Visa. This is a US Government mandatory requirement for the program. Failure to complete the orientation before departure will result in the participant’s cancellation from the program. Full cancellation fees will apply in these cases.
  • Participants on the J1 program are required to comply with all visa sponsor program rules, as listed in these program terms and conditions. If a participant violates any program rules, the visa sponsor reserves the right to revoke their legal sponsorship, which will result in the withdrawal or termination of their program.
  • The applicant understands that they are required to create an online account where they must monitor communication with the visa sponsor, respond to surveys, and access important information. You are required to monitor your account weekly.
  • The visa sponsor must provide SEVIS with the applicant’s current address, telephone number, and email and it must be updated each and every time this information changes. Failure to do so can lead to program termination.
  • The visa sponsor may issue DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) form if an applicant meets the Work & Travel USA program requirements, but neither the visa sponsor or the Company can guarantee that the US Embassy or Consulate in an applicant’s country of residence will issue a J-1 visa. Neither the visa sponsor or the Company are responsible in the event that US Embassy refuses to issue a visa and full cancellation fees apply.

US Embassy Information

It is the responsibility of the participant to book, and pay for, their US embassy appointment. Whilst we will send participants their DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) and a visa instructions document, it is the sole responsibility of the participant to book and attend an interview at the US embassy. Any fees associated with booking the embassy appointment are paid for by the participant. Under no circumstances can we refund payments that were made directly to the US embassy.

The US Embassy will hold an applicant’s passport for a minimum of 5 working days for processing of Visa after Interview. It is at the discretion of the US Embassy to hold a passport and application for longer than the above minimum if extra processing is required Along with the US embassy and visa sponsor, we will not be held responsible for any delays, and subsequent fees incurred due to delays/ extra processing at the US Embassy Interview stage. Under no circumstances can a passport be requested back from the US Embassy quicker than the standard processing times laid out above.

Availability of visa appointments is at the discretion of the US embassy in the country you are applying from. The company does not guarantee your ability to apply for or attend a US embassy appointment.

While a job offer form may be approved by the visa sponsor, it still needs to be reviewed by the US Embassy. The US Embassy hold the right to reject any job offers even if they are approved by the visa sponsor. Participants must ensure they source housing close to their job site, or to ensure there is regular public transport to take you to and from work at all times (day and night). Finding accommodation in areas which restrict your ability to get to work on time is not a sufficient reason to request a change of employer and requests of this nature will be rejected by the visa sponsor.

DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)

  • Only one original physical copy of your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) will be issued at any time by the Sponsor and this is the only valid version.
  • If you lose or damage your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) a new valid version must be issued by the Sponsor and you will be required to cover the costs of issuance and delivery.
  • If you lose or damage your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) please contact the Company at the earliest opportunity.
  • Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be kept with your passport whilst in the USA.
  • If you forget or lose your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) you may be denied entry to the US or may invalidate your visa and be at risk of deportation. The company are not responsible if immigration deny entry or propose deportation due to insufficient documentation.
  • You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred reissuing documentation.
  • The Company does not keep a copy of your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), and you may be asked to present it during any future applications to visit or work in the USA.
  • The Company aims to assist you with your arrival to America before your contract start date but is not responsible for delays caused by yourself, the US Embassy, the postal service or the courier company.

The Company is not responsible for any applications held for additional processing or refused by the US Embassy or any disrupted travel plans due to visa processing delays. The Company is unable to provide refunds paid to the US Embassy under any circumstances.

6. Additional program documentation and fees

To participate in the Work USA program you will incur additional third-party fees which are outlined in section 2.

7. Flights

Flights are not included as part of the program and you will be responsible for booking them. You should not arrange travel until you have a confirmed placement and have been issued a J1 visa. You must provide your booked travel information to the Company at least 72 hours before you intend to fly.

The applicant agrees that the company will not be held responsible for any costs incurred if a flight change needs to be made. Examples of this include, but not limited to, visa delays, placement cancellations or extra processing by the US embassy.

8. Insurance

Medical insurance is provided as part of the program . Full information of your Insurance plan and the claims procedure will be provided to you once the policy is issued. The Company is not the insurance provider and is not liable for any claims, coverage updates or refunds related to the policy.

The Sponsor insurance policy includes exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions and any medication that you use regularly. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and exclusions included in your insurance policy in advance of your departure from your home country. The insurance policy may include an excess or deductible, which you will have to pay on any qualifying claims. If there are any items not covered by the policy, it is your responsibility to acquire any additional policies to protect you during your time in USA.

You should always carry the insurance card provided by the Sponsor in case treatment is needed in the USA.

Any injuries incurred whilst working at your work should be covered by the employer Workers Compensation Insurance Policy.

9. Job support

  • For participants availing of job assistance, at the time of interview employers or interviewers may offer you the job on the spot. If you accept this job offer, even verbally, the job placement of this program will be considered complete. Any cancellations after this will fall under the standard cancellation terms listed in section 4. If you later decide to refuse this job offer, prior to your departure to the USA then you will have the opportunity to apply for another position. However, due to the nature of the program and the processing time to have your job vetted and visa approved, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to fly out by a specific date. Should you wish to withdraw your application instead of finding a different job, the above cancellation terms will apply.
    • For participants availing of job assistance, we do not guarantee any job locations in the USA. We will make available to all participants who avail of job assistance a job interview with an American employer but make no guarantee that you will receive an interview, or job, in your preferred location.
    • Please also note, by signing up to a J1 job interview through your online account, there is no guarantee that you will be hired. Hiring is at the sole discretion of the employer.
    • It is up to each participant who has availed of job assistance to apply for an interview for their American job through the employer database released to them once their application materials have been received by and fully processed by the J1 program team. We do not allocate interviews to participants, you must sign up for an interview yourself. All job interviews listed on the jobs database are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Please be aware that neither the program sponsor or the Company are responsible for the contract of employment between the participant and your American employer regardless of whether the participant sourced the position directly or through assistance provided by us or the visa sponsor. This also extends to any issues between the employer and participant that may develop. Participants are advised to contact their vias sponsor should they require any assistance with resolving any employment issue.
    • In the case where a participant fails to show up for any interview registered for and facilitated through the Company there will be no refund of any monies paid towards the J1 program
    • For jobs sourced through the Company or the visa sponsor, due to weather conditions, or other factors beyond eithers control, some jobs have uncertain start dates and hours of work, and employment may become unavailable. The participant must be able to support themself in the US until they get their first pay-check, and/ or in the event of reduced working hours and must have at least $800 upon arrival in the US. For jobs sourced through the Company or the visa sponsor, neither organization are responsible for the participant’s expenses incurred if for any reason the participant has not started work by the agreed date due to weather conditions or delays in obtaining Social Security numbers at their place of employment or for any other reason not under our direct control.
    • If a sourced job position is no longer available, through no fault of the participant’s own, after a signed JOF has been issued to the participant, or if for any reason we deem it necessary to relocate a participant from a sourced job either before the job commences or at any time during the job period, we will assist the participant in finding another position, but we make no guarantee with respect to being able to do so. Nor do we make any representation that we will be able to find work for the participant in the same geographical area or the same type of work or pay as the original sourced job.

10. Your work USA placement

Your placement obligations

All travel before, during and after the Program is at the applicant’s own risk. Any applicant who chooses to operate motorized vehicles is responsible for obtaining the necessary license, permission and insurance and does so at their own risk.


  • Participants on the Work & Travel USA program are required to maintain communication with their employer prior to arrival, notify them in advance of their arrival and departure dates, and advise them of any changes to their travel itinerary due to visa delays or any unforeseen circumstances
  • The applicant understands that when accepting a job with an employer, they agree to do their best, abide by the terms of the job offer, to comply with the employer’s rules and company policies
  • Under no circumstances are jobs guaranteed. Even for jobs sourced through us or your visa sponsor, under no circumstances are job positions guaranteed. Even in the case when an employer represents that a job is being held, this does not constitute a binding contract that the job will be available when the applicant arrives. The employer’s commitment is one of good faith only.
  • Participants should not accept a position if they cannot commit to the specified time period requirements of the employer.
  • It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they check the details of the contract of employment, to research availability of suitable housing in the location of work and ensure they are satisfied with all conditions outlined in the employment contract. the Company are not liable for any issues that may arise on matters deemed to be the responsibility of the participant.
  • All applicants to the J1 program must provide details to us of their accommodation address in the USA prior to departure from the UK. This may be updated anytime in your online account.
  • The applicant will inform us immediately if their planned date of entry to the US changes forwards or backwards. A change in your arrival date may require a change in the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document); if applicable, the applicant agrees to pay the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) replacement & reissue fees involved.

Your behaviour

  • The applicant must agree to behave ethically and responsibly while in the USA. They understand that their DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) and insurance can be cancelled at the discretion of the visa sponsor if they behave in a way that is in violation of the program rules or can be deemed unethical.
  • All program participants agree to abide by the program conditions, including financial requirements, and to return to the UK at the end of the program. Furthermore, the participant recognizes the importance of sharing their cultural experience with their home country.
  • The applicant is responsible for reading and carefully considering all materials made available that relate to safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural and religious customs and conditions in the US. Each applicant must take full responsibility in the event that laws, regulations, or customs are broken, regardless of foreknowledge.
  • The participant understands that they are expected to actively participate in American Cultural Activities during the program. The participant agrees to make a good faith effort to seek out and participate in American Cultural activities and to interact with American Citizens. The visa sponsor will provide access to online learning and information about life in the U.S. Depending on timing and location. They will also provide opportunities to attend Connect USA events. The participant understands that complete information about cultural exchange opportunities will be made available at a later date.
  • The applicant is responsible for all their acts along with any loss or damage resulting therefrom while on the program. The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Company & the Visa sponsor, its officers, shareholders, affiliates and employees from and against any claims, causes of action and liability for any financial or other loss, damage, personal injury, illness or death suffered or incurred by the applicant, whether based on tort, breach of contract or any other theory. In addition, the participant agrees to release and hold harmless the Company and the visa sponsor from its own negligence.

Termination/withdrawal from the program

  • Withdrawal from the program means that the visa sponsor will withdraw your sponsorship and you will no longer be permitted to work in the US, however you will be allowed to stay in the US for your 30-day travel period. This 30-day period will begin from the date your sponsorship is withdrawn.
  • Termination from the program means that the visa sponsor will withdraw your sponsorship and you will no longer be permitted to work in the US, and you will NOT be allowed to stay in the US for your 30-day travel period. You will have to leave the US immediately
  • Any Work & Travel USA applicant who is withdrawn or terminated from the program will be required to return home at their own expense. A terminated applicant also loses their legal right to remain in the US. Termination may negatively impact the applicant’s ability to obtain future US visas.
  • If an applicant is Withdrawn or Terminated from the program for violation of any program rules, they will not be permitted to participate on any program in the future that requires sponsorship from the visa sponsor

Visa requirements

  • Participants on Work & Travel USA are required to comply with all US Government visa and immigration requirements including the SEVIS tracking as follows: a) notification of arrival in the US to your visa sponsor within 10 days of DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)program start date; b) providing a valid address, email address, and phone number upon arrival at US employer c) notification to the visa sponsor of any change in US home address, phone number, and/or email address within 10 days of change. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the participant’s J-1 Visa program being terminated.
  • The participant understands that they are to complete monthly surveys while in America. The U.S. Department of State requires that all Summer Work & Travel Visa Sponsors have contact with all participants every 30 Days. In response to this requirement, the visa sponsor will reach out to participants every 30 days while participants are on their program. The participant’s must respond to these communications and complete any survey/phone call that is arranged. Your due date will be based on your initial SEVIS registration date. Participants that do not comply with the monthly check-ins may face termination of their program
  • Participation on the Program begins when the applicant legally enters the US and, subject to this contract, terminates on the day of departure from the US (within the legal Program dates). Participation on the Program will end a maximum of 5 months from arrival in the US (15th September is the last day that any student participating on the program can work). Participants can arrive up to a maximum of 5 days prior to their DS program start date and remain in the US up to 30 days beyond their DS program ‘end dates’, as long as their total stay in the US does not exceed 5 months.

Your Obligation to your employer/changing employment

  • All employment, including second jobs, must be vetted and approved by the visa sponsor prior to work commencing. The applicant understands that the visa sponsor will contact their prospective employer to verify employment details. Your visa sponsor reserves the right to deny any job according to the current and/or anticipated rules, regulations, and intent of the J-1 Exchange Visitor program. All jobs must be seasonal in nature and not displace year-round American workers. Employment that does not allow for meaningful cultural exchange with Americans is not permitted. From time to time the list of prohibited jobs is updated.
  • If the participant does not meet their contractual obligations to the employer or the visa sponsors rules regarding employment obligations (e.g. not receiving approval to change/leave job or not give 2 weeks’ notice to employer if leaving job etc.), the visa sponsor may at its sole discretion withdraw or terminate sponsorship of the participant.
  • Participants must work for the employer listed on their Job Offer Form (JOF). If, for any reason, a change of employer becomes necessary, applicants must contact the visa sponsor and obtain written approval BEFORE changing jobs. If an applicant leaves their employment without the prior written approval of the visa sponsor, or engages in employment without prior approval, the visa sponsor reserves the right to revoke their legal sponsorship, which will result in the termination of their program and their legal right to remain in the US.
  • In the case of a change of job or of premature termination of job, or if the employment is terminated before the end of the program for any reason, or if the applicant decides to return home early, no fees will be refunded.
  • If a participant is fired from their job for violation of employer policies, including, but not limited to, their failure of a company-required drug test at the commencement of or anytime during employment, they may be withdrawn from the program with no refund of the program or job service fees.
  • If the participant’s original job ends before the legal working dates listed on the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) for any reason, it is the participant’s responsibility to inform the visa sponsors US office and get approval for any new job.
  • If the participant wishes to leave their employer, they must contact their visa sponsor to explain why they want to change jobs and seek approval for a `change of employer' before they can switch employers. if approval is granted, they must work a minimum notice period of 2 weeks from date of approval before finishing with their current employer.

Housing Conditions

  • Neither the visa sponsor nor the Company provides housing. If an employer does offer housing it is usually on a first-come, first-served basis. The applicant must notify the visa sponsor if they have any concerns regarding the safety and/or suitability of the housing provided by their employer. If the applicant arranges housing independently, they agree to use their best judgment in securing housing that is safe and suitable. Housing arrangements that involve overcrowding and/ or hot-bunking (multiple individuals using one bed and sleeping in shifts) are prohibited. Whether the applicant arranges housing independently or through the employer the applicant will be required to sign a lease and pay a deposit, which usually amounts to the first and last month’s rent and may include an additional security deposit. If the applicant has any doubt about the suitability of their housing, they must notify the visa sponsor immediately.
  • The visa sponsor strongly recommends all applicants should have a rental agreement with a landlord, which includes information about weekly or monthly rent, security deposit, utilities, process for returning the security deposit, and all other important details.
  • Any property damage is applicant’s sole responsibility and must communicate directly with their landlord to pay for such damage pursuant to the rental agreement.
  • If you intend to work in California, you will be required to provide proof of accommodation as well as a confirmed job offer in order to be allowed to travel to California on your J1 Visa Program
  • The US Department of state has seen an uptake in housing and rental scams where J1 visitors transfer money before they start their program to a fraudulent realtor or landlord, scamming the victims out of hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Other reported scams involve phone calls from alleged government representatives demanding personal information and money with threats of deportation from the U.S. Please keep this in mind when reviewing housing assistance. If you became a victim of any kind of scam, please communicate this to the visa sponsor and complete an incident report and send it to the Department at
  • If, during the course of the program, the participant is evicted from housing, or is warned in writing that they are at risk of eviction, as a result of participant’s behaviour, partying, excessive noise, overcrowding, or other housing violation we will consider this a violation of the program rules. The visa sponsor reserves the right to revoke their legal sponsorship, which will result in the withdrawal or termination of their program.
  • If the visa sponsor deems, in its sole discretion, or if it is advised by the State Department that an applicant’s housing and/ or work placement is unsafe or unsuitable, the applicant agrees to cooperate fully with the visa sponsor and us to relocate to new housing and/or work placement without delay.

11. Declaration

Any dispute or claim against the sponsor will be subject to the sponsor agreement, and may be exclusively arbitrated in a specific location within the USA. I know of no reason why I may be refused a visa (e.g. have been arrested or convicted of a crime; have applied to migrate to the US; previously experienced US visa/immigration problems; or have overstayed on a previous visit). If I suspect that I may have problems, I will disclose these reasons in writing to the J1 team. If a visa is refused for reasons previously undisclosed, no refund will be given.

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Privacy Policy

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