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About us

Why we get out of bed

For coffee. And because despite what we’re told growing up, you should never have to choose between getting a job and going travelling. With JENZA, you can do both. 

Earn money, enhance your resume, explore the world.


Gravity hitting moment


Our story

Starting out in the '50s and ‘60s with mullets and a mission, JENZA is the travel love child of the two OGs of the work and travel world – USIT and BUNAC. The apple-on-the-head moment happened when we realised that yes, 60+ years is a really impressive amount of time to be the dreamweavers of the working holiday world. But the world’s a different place today. And what worked for our student forefathers might not work today. So, we started again. Building a movement from the ground up – with our travellers as the architects. It’s all in our logo: You Shaped Travel.


What makes our world go round

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