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About us

Why we get out of bed

For coffee. And because despite what we’re told growing up, you should never have to choose between getting a job and going travelling. With JENZA, you can do both. 

Earn money, enhance your resume, explore the world.

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What makes our world go round


Meet the fam

Who is JENZA? Can I trust them? And why don’t you ever call? (Mum??!). So, (mostly) legit questions to ask before you book. JENZA is the travel love child of USIT and BUNAC – two originals of the work and travel world founded by students in 1959 and 1962. Yep, we’re old AF. But with that, comes a ton of wise old owl expertise and trust. Basically, these chaps may be so new they chafe – but it’s not our first rodeo. Working as one global team, JENZA has the backing of 60+ years of work abroad experience, but has been built for today’s travellers. Shaped by our Youth Advisory Panel and given the stamp of approval by our roadtesters, it’s all in our logo: You Shaped Travel.


Pre-vetted jobs

We hated that working holiday jobs were often poorly paid with rubbish terms. We also hated the insecurity of not knowing if we'd even be able to find a job overseas. So, all our employers are vetted to make sure they offer safe and fairly paid positions. You can then apply before you go or when you land. It's how we work.

Youth Advisory Panel

We know the world doesn’t need another work and travel brand – it needs a more authentic one. So, we recruited a Youth Advisory Panel (YAP). Our global panel of 18-25 year olds have been with us from the start, helping to shape everything we do – from what we sell to how we look and what we stand for.

Profit with purpose

We’re not looking to change the world. But we are looking to make our little corner of the working holiday world a fairer and more accessible place. We give 5% of profits to our scholarship fund, have made cultural and hiring changes to become a more inclusive workplace, and are set to become a B Corp by 2024.

The ministry of lost travel souls

Meet the team

As a close-knit company of 50+ people, scattered across the globe from Melbourne to Manchester, we have to have a few rules. (1) We can work from anywhere. (2) We’re mental health aware trained – because being open and human makes the world of difference to a person’s day. (3) When you start to fear Monday mornings, it’s time to employ rule 1 or talk it over with someone – see rule 2. (4) We don’t employ assholes. (If the first three rules work correctly, this rule should be obsolete). We also favour life and travel experience over academic achievements. So, if like us, you’re either wanting to start a career in travel or you've spent far too many years on the road trying to find your place in the world – then we’re probably the place for you. Keep an eye on jenza-travel LinkedIn for job ops.


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Works for others

5% of profits go to our Youth Access Scholarship Fund. Because the world's a better place when more people can experience it.

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Travel happy

with our Extra Mile Promise

JENZA was founded on the four A's. Authenticity, Accessibility, Accountability and not being an A-hole. So when it comes to what we do, we own it. If you're not happy with part of your JENZA experience, we'll put a human on it to sort it - or refund it. T&Cs apply.

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BUNAC Travel Services Ltd trading as “JENZA” is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 01391030 and registered address at 5 Richbell Place, London, UK, WC1N 3LA.