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Working holiday jobs

It's off to work the world we go. Access hundreds of pre-arranged vetted working holiday jobs and internships around the world. It's how we work.

Landing a job overseas doesn't have to be hard work.

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How the job thing works

Before you go

Every JENZA Camp includes guaranteed camp interviews, with every JENZA Work including the option to pre-arrange a working holiday job before you go.

On the job

From ski season jobs to 'pinch-me-I'm-working-on-a-boat' jobs, our employers mostly hire for seasonal roles in the hospitality, tourism, retail and construction industry.

How it works

Once you’re booked with JENZA, you’ll get access to our online JENZA Job Hub where you can start searching and applying for jobs. Apply before you go or on the road.

The pools will close 23 Oct (no running!)

Final call for Canada visas

The IEC Canada visa pools will close on the 23 October. So if you're looking to get your Canada working holiday visa ready to head out for spring/summer '24, you must have entered the correct IEC visa pool by then. After the 2023 IEC visa pools close, you’ll have to wait for them to re-open next year for 2024 applications - usually in January. Confused? Give us a call and we'll talk you through it.


Meet the jobs team

Work mates

Meet the jobs team

Known for their job searching sorcery, our Dreams Jobs team scour the planet looking for employers who are looking to take on working holidaymakers right now. We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we're total jobsworths when it comes to ensuring your working holiday health and happiness.

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Dear JENZA, why are you so obsessed with jobs?

As travellers, we understand the unbridled joy of setting off with a backpack full of barely clean washing and embracing the ‘non-plan’ – travelling when you want, working when you want, and generally being an all-around superhero of your own life.

But we also understand the job fear. The panic of ‘What if I can’t find a job and have to fly back to Bumblefudge to live in my childhood bedroom?’. (Which actually only works if it hasn't already been turned into a mid-life crisis home gym).

So, to account for both ends of the freedom/fear jobs scale, every JENZA Work includes the option of interviewing for a job before you go. Or when you land. And actually, for the whole of your working holiday visa. Job done.



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The job lot

Unlimited working holiday jobs with JENZA Work

Access hundreds of vetted working holiday jobs on our JENZA Job Hub. Apply before you go, when you land and for your whole visa.

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Canada living quarters - image by Ed from BUNAC
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Live the high life

Cost of living (abroad) crisis? All over it.

Many of our ski employers include free or subsidised staff housing, plus perks such as discounted meals and free lift passes. Making a ski season a great way to earn money, live somewhere epic, and do probably-the-world's-most-expensive-hobby on the cheap.

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