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We have working holiday jobs to fill in the UK right now.


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Working holidays in the UK

Four countries in one, it’s like a BOGOF deal on working holiday visas. Work for up to two years in the UK with visa help, a pre-arranged job and London accommodation when you land.

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Take the bother out of working in Blighty with London arrival accommodation, visa help, job access and more.

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Why do a working holiday visa in the UK?

Home to Yorkshire Puddings (not actual puddings), wet weather (not true all the time) and dry humour (this bit is true) – the UK is a complete one off. Small and mighty, it embraces every culture, food, music, language and opportunity within its sandy shores. And the UK is equally inclusive when it comes to working holidaymakers. You can use your two-year working holiday visa to give your career a leg up, do casual work to fund your adventures, or even set up your own company to work as a freelancer, consultant or tradie. Jobs a good ‘un as they say in England.

The Jenza difference

Illustrated black footprints

Roadtested experiences  

Hear from travellers who’ve been there and worn the ‘I heart London’ tee. Our roadtesters trial every JENZA experience to ensure it serves our travel community first. 

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Unlimited job access

Our Dream Jobs team (genuine job title) source and vet hundreds of UK jobs. Interview before you go, when you land and for the whole of your visa.

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Yes to no stress

From guiding you through the working holiday visa process to bed nights, socials and bank account set-up when you land – we help work out all the details.   

Our Work UK Roadtester Tamara in London

Is it for me?

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18-30 years

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24-month visa

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Depart year-round

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Pre-arrange a job

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Work in 4 countries

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5 nights’ accommodation


Roadtester Banner - Tamara (Work UK)
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What she said

“The thing about London is that there’s people from all over the world here, so you’re not alone.”

Tamara, JENZA roadtester

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Hello Blighty!

Work UK | $849

We provide the visa assistance, pre-arranged job and arrival support to live and work in the UK for up to two years.

As down to earth and friendly as Londoners might be, it can also feel like a crazy town when you land – full of escalator etiquette, rush hour rules and confusing beer temperatures (by confusing, we mean warm). We take the stress out of London life with five nights’ accommodation at the capital’s favourite hostel, National Insurance and UK bank account set-up, and local tips and trips from JENZA’s London HQ – including a walking tour, pub meet and train fare to Brighton. (Think boho British seaside vibes).

To do a working holiday in the UK, you must have the ‘right to work’ via either a two-year UK Youth Mobility Scheme visa (formerly known as the Tier 5 visa) or five-year UK Ancestry visa.

Both visa processes consist of an online application and in-person biometrics appointment. JENZA is here to advise you throughout, but all forms and payments are submitted directly to UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI).

To be eligible for the two-year UK Youth Mobility Scheme visa, you must be:

  • Aged 18-30 (inclusive)
  • Have an Australian, New Zealand or Canadian passport, or hold one of these passports
  • Be able to provide proof of £2,530 in support funds
  • Be able to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge* currently £1,552 for a two-year visa
  • You must enter the UK within six months of your visa application being accepted

To be eligible for the five-year UK Ancestry visa, you must be:

  • Aged 17+ and a Commonwealth Citizen
  • Have proof that a grandparent was born in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Be able to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge* currently £5,175 for the 5-year UK Ancestry visa
  • Be able to show that you can and plan to work in the UK, and can maintain and accommodate yourself without access to public funds

    *It’s mandatory for anyone staying in the UK for six months or more to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). This entitles you to use the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

The UK Youth Mobility Scheme visa is one of the most flexible working holiday visas. Other than working as a professional sportsperson (darn, that’s your fencing career down the drain), you can pretty much do any job for up to 24 months – giving you the option of casual backpacker work or more career-related roles. You can also set up your own limited company to work as a freelancer or on a self-employed basis.

If you’re looking to do casual work, hospitality and retail jobs are easy to come by – with pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants currently crying out for bar staff, runners, chefs and baristas. You can expect to be paid the minimum wage – currently £11.44 for age 21 and over – or above (especially in London where salaries are higher). It’s customary in the UK for a 10-12.5% tip to be added to a bill, which should also be split between staff (although this depends on your employer).

You can also work in industries related to your career, education or trade, where the sky’s literally the limit. Here your earning potential will be much higher, especially as you can work for two years with the same employer to really build up your career and connections.

  • 8 Apr 23
  • 13 May 23
  • 17 June 23
  • 8 May 23
  • 17 Jun 23
  • 15 Jul 23
  • 12 Aug 23
  • 9 Sep 23
  • 14 Oct 23
  • 11 Nov 23
  • 9 Dec 23

JENZA Work UK inclusions

Everything you need to get your visa, get hired and get on the plane – with one-on-one support from people who’ve been.

Free (or close to free) stuff Our favourite F word. Score hundreds of overseas discounts with our virtual JENZA X IYTC card.

Earn extra cash Shot it? Share it. We pay for blogs, vlogs, images and videos. DM us on Insta and send us a pitch.

Ask an alumni  Hear from people who've been. We try to have an alumni on every pre-departure call to answer all your questions.

Find a friend Meet people like you. Connect with travellers arriving at the same time on our JENZA Discord group chats.

Your working holiday ride or die, our JENZA Support Squad have all worked the world so can give you firsthand advice on moving abroad. As well as being a geeky bunch of travel nerds and visa whisperers, we're also all mental health awareness trained. Which means we know how to connect like humans – not customer service bots.

On top of being at the other end of an email or video call throughout the booking process, we also include a group call with a live Q&A before you go to answer all your questions.

UKVI doesn't allow us to apply for your visa on your behalf, but we're with you the whole way – with the correct forms, step-by-step guides and one-on-one calls to ensure your application is on track.

The two-year Youth Mobility Scheme visa fee is currently £298 and the five-year UK Ancestry visa fee is currently £637 – both are paid directly to UKVI. You must also attend a biometrics appointment at a designated biometrics centre to have your photo and fingerprints taken, the cost of this is included in your visa fee.

The process for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa can take around three weeks, with a UK Ancestry visa taking longer due to the additional ancestry documentation required.

We include the option to pre-arrange a job before you go, plus unlimited working holiday jobs on the road. It's how we work.

Our Dream Jobs team scour the planet finding employers who are looking to take on working holidaymakers right now. They’re pre-vetted to make sure everything is legit, and as soon as you’ve paid your full payment, you’ll get access to our JENZA Job Hub where you can start searching and interviewing for jobs.

If you want to sort a job before you go, we work with some of the UK’s top hospitality employers, such as Dishoom. (Pretty much the only way to get in there without an hour’s queue is to work there!). The cost of living in the UK can be high, so we also try and source seasonal employers such as activity holiday centres that include subsidised staff accommodation – also great if you’re an outdoors rather than an office person.

If you’d rather wait until you land, your arrival orientation in London includes job and CV advice from the JENZA team. You’ll also have access to the Job Hub for your whole visa.

Scroll the page to check out some of our UK employers.

  • 5 nights at the Generator hostel in London
  • In-person orientation at JENZA HQ
  • UK and Europe travel workshop
  • Welcome pub drinks
  • London walking tour
  • Sky Garden visit (or alternative roof garden depending on availability)
  • Self-guided day trip to Brighton

This is all the un-sexy stuff, but essential and legal stuff you need to start working in the UK. When you arrive, the JENZA team will help you get set up with:

  • National Insurance number
  • UK bank account
  • SIM card

Book now pay later Secure your spot with $180 deposit, paying the balance when you’re ready to start looking for positions.

About our pricing Our mission is to make working abroad more accessible. Meaning we do everything we can to pay our team, support our partners and make a profit – without screwing over the people who matter. Find out how our pricing works and the people involved in making your JENZA happen.

We also walk the walk, donating 5% of profits to our overseas scholarship fund.

What’s not included

Support funds (UK)

As a requirement of your visa, you’ll need to show proof of £2,530 in support funds.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

2-year Youth Mobility visa £1,552 / 5-year UK Ancestry visa £5,175


We don’t recommend booking flights until your visa is approved.

Travel insurance

To cover against cancellation, we recommend taking out comprehensive travel insurance as soon as you book.

UK visa fee

This is paid directly to UKVI and currently costs £298 for the Youth Mobility Scheme visa, and £637 for the UK Ancestry visa.

A view of a London street with Union Jack bunting
A view of Croatia - From Patricia Jekki via Unsplash
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Euro Summer '24

The UK is the gateway to Europe

Just over two hours by Eurostar, you can be knocking off work in London and eating-your-body-weight in Paris by 8pm. And with heaps of low-cost airlines out of the UK, spending your weekends clubbing in Ibiza, sailing in Croatia or skiing in the Alps.

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Where to do your UK working holiday visa

Location location

Work in London

Most working holidaymakers choose to start in London. Some even manage to leave. (Although the revolving door of pop-ups, markets, gigs and events make it really hard to tear yourself away). A place where royal palaces rub shoulders with graffitied alleyways and quirky cobbled streets – London is fast-paced and free-thinking. Where you can be anyone and do anything. When it comes to jobs in London, the UK's capital is a powerhouse that attracts leading global talent from the worlds of fashion to finance. Sure, rent in London can be high and you'll pay a few extra quid for a pint – but the pay off to live in one of the most exciting and creative cities in the world is worth it.


Work in the UK

A four-for-one bumper deal, your UK working holiday visa allows you to work in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland. And we’d encourage you to explore outside the M25 (big noisy road, circles around London). From the castles and snow-capped peaks of Scotland, to the rolling green hills and surf beaches of Wales, and the dramatic rugged landscapes of Northern Ireland – the UK punches seriously above its weight when it comes to diverse places to live and work. There's music mad cities, chocolate-box villages, and wilderness national parks to call home. And if that fails to float your boat, Europe is just a two-hour hop across the water for holidays and weekends away.

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland - From George Hiles via Unsplash
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Travel you can trust

Our Extra Mile Promise

Every JENZA experience has been shaped by our Youth Advisory Panel, roadtested by our travellers, and backed by 60+ years of work abroad expertise. But if we still don’t rock your world, we’ll refund the part of your JENZA program you’re not happy with. T&Cs apply

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The JENZA blog


All the intel and inspo on work & travel


Staff Stories / UK

5 ways becoming a digital nomad shaped my career

Isis Loyola Delgado

A passport full of stories on how a decade of working holidays can impact your future career. Over to Isis...

You shaped travel

What our Work UK roadtester had to say

Before you’re even let loose on one of our JENZA experiences, it’s roadtested by either a JENZA ambassador or member of our Youth Advisory Panel. Because if it didn’t fly with them, it’s sure as heck not going to fly with you. Here’s Tamara’s top tips on moving from Toronto to London.

Who you gonna call?

Let's talk UK

Get some facetime with our amazing JENZA Support Squad. When they’re not posing for pool pics, they’re making your work aboard adventures happen with their endless enthusiasm and mad traveller skills. These include: parent whispering, visa geekery and the ability to pack a backpack in 30 seconds flat.


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Did someone say ‘gap decade?’

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