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Working holidays

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Earn money, grow your skills and fund your adventures with a working holiday in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or the USA.

Work when you want, travel when you want with JENZA Work.


Working holidays minus the work drama

Pre-arranged jobs

Every JENZA Work includes the option of securing a job before you go with one of our vetted working holiday employers. If you’d rather wing it, that works too. You’ll have access to the JENZA Job Hub for your whole visa to search and apply for jobs.

Visa assistance

Every JENZA Work includes expert visa help from our JENZA Support Squad. Where we’re able to apply for your visa for you, we will. And where we can't, we’re with you the whole way – with the correct forms, step-by-step guidance and one-on-one advice.

Arrival essentials

Every JENZA Work includes the essentials you need to work overseas. This typically includes bank account set up, tax numbers, medical insurance (USA only) and a SIM card. Plus, hostel nights and socials when you land to help you settle in (excludes USA).

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On top of the world

My dream Canada job

When you’ve lived the high life as a ski instructor on your working holiday visa Canada, it can all feel a bit downhill after that. (Unless you come and work at JENZA, like Canada expert Ben did).


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